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Rock ton geek podcast #01

Rock ton Geek #01

Album de la semaine: RIP THIS  / Bass drum of death


Burn my eyes / Bass drum of death

Wires / Red Fang

Eulogy for a rock band / Weezer

Getting what he asked for / Direct hit!

No end left inside / Hot water music

Where da money go / Jim Jones revue

I don’t wanna be here anymore / Rise against

Electric / Bass drum of death

Karma Chameleon / me first and the gimme gimme

Fuck the world / Turbonegro

No i’m no down / Biffy Clyro

Vagabond / Chuck ragan

Route 69 (yeah) / Bass drum of death

Louise and louiziana / The Holy mess

Melody has big plan / Gnarwolves

30 second to malibu / Adolescents

Everything is on TV / Hellacopters

Vicious / Gaslight anthem

Machine guns Blues / Social Distortion

The most Beautiful Girl / Masked intruders

Better days / Bass drum of death

so you think you can dance? / Dead pop club

The sign / Foo fighters

Small changes / Astpai

it’s only rock n roll / Rolling stones



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